School Uniform Information

As per the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board’s mandatory school uniform policy, students at St. Michael School are required to wear the approved school uniform as outlined below.

JML Uniforms Ltd is proud to announce the launch of their new website. With this new website, parents are now able to order school uniforms online and have their order shipped to their home address. This added feature greatly improves their service package. They have also added several new links on the website for anyone who may wish to order items other than school uniforms, such as corporate apparel, awards, and novelty or promotional items. They hope these changes make shopping for your uniform needs easier.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Uniform pieces may be purchased through the school’s supplier JML or at any other retail outlet provided that the items are comparable to those provided through the supplier, and have no advertising or brand names on them.

Items may be purchased from the supplier JML as follows:
At their retail outlet located at 95 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 5X1
Tuesday...................10am to 5pm
Wednesday..............10am to 5pm
Thursday..................10am to 8pm
Friday......................10am to 5pm
Saturday...............9am to 12 noon

Please contact them and place online orders at:

Vince Adamo
JML Uniforms Ltd.
95 Parkdale Ave. N.
Hamilton, ON. L8H 5X1

905 572 1703 (cell)
905 544 1608 (tel)
905 544 9213 (fax)

The uniform shall consist of a navy blue or white top and navy blue bottoms and can be chosen from the following pieces:

Girl’s Uniform
Unisex Uniforms
Navy casual pants
Navy walking shorts
Navy flat front or pleated skort or X-Kilt
White or navy short sleeve golf shirt
Navy box pleated tunic, embroidered
White or navy long sleeve golf shirt
White long or short sleeved Peter Pan blouse
White or navy turtle neck

Boy’s Uniform
Warm/Outer Wear
Navy casual pants
Navy reversible fleece vest
Navy pleated pants
Navy fleece zip polo
Navy fleece jacket

Tops: ll items must be either white or navy blue and must have the school crest on them.

Bottoms: All items must be navy blue and must be worn at the waist. No sweat pants, track pants, capris, cargo pants, cords, nylon pants, "Kobe" pants or denim allowed.
Skorts and walking shorts must come to at least the end of the fingertips when arms are held straight at the side.

All tops must be crested. Items purchased through the supplier, JML will be automatically embroidered at no additional cost. All tops purchased elsewhere must have a school crest affixed to them on the front left hand side. Crests will be available for purchase through the supplier, JML or through the school office.


Mandatory school uniform implies that all students arrive at school dressed appropriately. Failure to do so shall result in consequences. The following progressive disciplinary consequences are to be followed:

1. Three verbal reminders along with a written notification (notes, agenda) to parents by the teachers.
2. Written communication by the Principal or designate to parent regarding the breach of the Board policy and outlining the following consequences for further breach

i) loss of privileges (but not recess) and/or
ii) student receives detention/age appropriate discipline assignment and/or
iii) parent is contacted to pick up student from school and/or
iv) student will be suspended if the student attends without proper uniform attire.

This policy has been put together in conjunction with members of the School Uniform Committee, members of the Catholic School Council, and the School Administration.


Board Uniform Policy

The Board Uniform Policy states, “The Principal, in consultation with the Catholic School Council, shall develop a student dress code as part of the Code of Student Conduct.”

Board Uniform Policy


Are You In Uniform?

The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board's Elementary School Uniform Standards

The school's designated supplier has these appropriate items. You may purchase these items from other sources as long as they are comparable (colour, style, fabric).

Tops: White or Navy Blue

Bottoms: Navy Blue (No Cargo Pants, No Fleece Material)

(Examples provided)

Please Note: The above are the minimum items that were approved originally as a system standard. School Communities in consultation with the Catholic School Council, Principal, and Parents could add additional items to the above items. Any visible under shirt (usually a t-shirt) must be solid white or solid navy blue.pants

Your support in compliance to the above is very much appreciated.