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Emergency Weather Conditions

Schools will be open during bad weather unless it is considered to be too dangerous for pupils to commute to school. If weather conditions are bad, a no-school announcement will be made over local radio stations before 9:00 a.m. Early dismissal from school due to increment weather will be handled by the Principal and the Superintendent of Schools.


Regular attendance as well as punctuality are key factors to success in school. Should your child be absent from school or late for opening classes, whether for the morning or the afternoon session, please call the school. Late arrivals must report to the office, as must early departures. Should a student have to leave early, a telephone call or note from the parent or guardian stating the reason and the name of the person picking up the child at the office is mandatory.

Early Dismissal

A note must be presented in the office in the morning of the day requesting an early dismissal. The note should indicate who will be picking up your child. When you or your designee arrives to pick up your child please report to the office to sign our your child in the Dismissal Log.


Medication and Accidents

Parents or guardians are asked to inform the school should a child have any medical condition, such as severe allergies, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, hyperactivity, hearing loss, etc. Students who take medication on a daily basis are issued a medical passport to identify them, and to track the dosage given daily. Parents must submit written permission to the school before any medication is given.

All forms are available from the school office. Please call if you have any questions or concerns. All medication will be safely secured in the school office. Accidents are dealt with immediately. Most require minor aid.

In severe cases, parents are contacted and are asked to secure further help. In an emergency situation, the child is taken to the hospital by ambulance at the same time as parents or guardians are called.


School Entry and Dismissal

Students should not arrive at school earlier than 8:30 a.m. Students are expected to enter and leave the school in an orderly fashion using the designated door for each class. Students are expected to wait outside until entry time. If you are bringing your child to school, please drop them off at the gate. We are working very hard to ensure the safety and security of all our students.

Progress Reports and Parent Conferences

The official document of Student Progress Report is issued three times a year: November, January, and in June. Teachers or parents may request a conference at that time. Throughout the school year, however, parents or guardians are urged to contact the teacher as soon as they feel communication is wanted through an interview or phone call.

Student Expectations - Academic

- Organization is key (desks, notebooks, textbooks, use of agenda and collection of assessments
- Best work at all times (high expectations)
- Various forms of remediation for all students who are not at Level 3
- classroom resources are readily available and labeled (e.g. Math manipulatives, dictionaries/thesauri, reading charts, etc.)
- Student goal setting (recorded in portfolio)

Student Expectations - Behavioural

- Remind yourself of school rules/routines (respect at all times, exit & entry procedures, hands off policy, using kind & gentle words with one another, leaving snow on the ground, avoiding ice patches and staying off of the snow hills, etc.)
- Review classroom rules/routines (washroom procedures, appropriate conduct during announcements and indoor recess, how to work effectively in groups, etc.)
- Use positive conflict resolution strategies based on Jesus as a role model and refer to the character messages of the day if need be.

Student Expectations - Spiritual

Attending a Catholic school is truly a unique experience. We are fortunate to have Jesus Christ as our role model, and can talk about his many mercies and blessings. Moreover, we live out the gospel values we hold so precious in our daily life, therefore we must:

- Understand that we will not miss/skip a Religion period because of any changes in a day’s schedule
- Participate in the class’ interactive prayer centre (which is visible and regularly changing)
- Review the parts and responses of the Mass and attend Mass weekly on Sunday
- Learn ‘new’ prayers
- expect the integration of Religion across the curriculum (e.g. Writing- writing a letter to Jesus)
- actively participate in the singing of songs for prayer services, celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and so forth.
- display religious artwork alternately with ‘regular’ artwork in class
- fully participate in school wide Catholic character initiative builder (inner discipline/self-control)
- make sure prayers are recited at the beginning and end of the day, and before and after lunch.

Student Expectations - Moral

Each year, we focus on a particular character building initiative, this year we are focusing on inner discipline and self-control.

- Display acts of inner discipline and self control in their daily dealings with others.
- When staff ‘catch’ students showing these characteristics, students can earn a paper heart for showing acts of inner discipline and they will be posted on the bulletin board in the front hall.
- As stewards of God’s Earth, refocus on eco-school initiatives (recycle, conserve energy, urge children to use litter receptacles outside instead of the ground to dispose of garbage, and use appropriate containers for recycling)