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Volunteer Program

What better way for parents to learn about the school and their children's friends and teachers than to spend some time as a volunteer? There are currently people in the community giving freely many hours of their time to our school. Within the school building, you can find tutors, library aides, general classroom aides, and those who help in speciality areas such as music, computers, physical education, learning disabilities, and enrichment programs. Beyond the walls of the building, volunteers can be chaperones, and field trip drivers.

At-home projects include taping of stories and lessons, typing, construction of educational games and classroom aides, and correcting papers. There is a niche for everyone no matter what their talents are.

The teachers of JK to grade 3 classes need parents to help with some of the activities in their classrooms. If you can volunteer once a week or a half-day or more please contact the school.

C.Y.O school teams for grades 4-8 will be arranged when the coaches are made available. Most C.Y.O sports take place after school, in the evenings or on weekends.

PARENTS wishing to coach a team should contact the school.