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Hamilton Helmet Initiative

The Hamilton Helmet Initiative (HHI) is committed to preventing brain injury in our
community by supporting access to helmets and educational/skill building programming.
Head injuries represent 20-40% of all bicycling injuries seen at Canadian emergency
rooms. The brain is fragile and helmets work to protect the brain when you fall. The
HWCDSB is supporting access to affordable helmets through the Canada Helmet
Initiative (CHI) annual Spring Helmet Campaign. This campaign enables students, staff
and families to purchase certified toddler, multi-sport, bicycle, hockey helmets at prices
50% below retail.
Bike helmets $15-20 Multi-sport helmet $20-25 Hockey helmets $30-40
For every helmet sold, $1 will be donated to the HHI to provide FREE HELMETS within
your City to students who may not be able to afford to purchase a helmet.

Hamilton Helmet Initiative